Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Justice, Court of Civil Appeals

This one's pretty much a slam-dunk for the incumbent.

Bill Thompson (R)

Thompson is a two-term incumbent at this post. He was elected in 1996 and recently became presiding judge of the Civil Appeals Court last year. He's on multiple Alabama law and judicial committees and was mentored by a former chief justice of the Supreme Court.

He's also had his photograph taken with Ronald Reagan. So that automatically makes him the best person for the job. ;-)

That's all you'll need to know when you read about his opponent.

Kimberly Harbison Drake (D)

Harbison is easily the most unqualified candidate seeking a statewide judgeship. I'm impressed that she is a former nurse who obtained her J.D. while working full-time. But she passed the bar only four - yes, four - years ago. She may be an excellent lawyer but her only experience is that she has written briefs for juvenile, divorce, DHR, workmen’s comp, Social Security and disability cases. She needs to get several more years under her belt before running for any judicial position.

Recommendation for Justice, Civil Appeals:
Bill Thompson (R)


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Mike said...

Slam dunk. I agree. This is a great resource.